Paper Template

Title of the Research Article/Manuscript

Author Name, Author Name2 , Author Name3

1 Department of Mathematics , Sant College  Delhi  (India)

2 Department of Physics , LLL College  Bangalore  (India)

3Department of Mathematics , GGG College  Hyderabad  (India)

Email  address of Corresponding Author:  ABC@gmail.com

Mobile No:


The Abstract should be about 300 words or less. It should include the summary and important information related to the paper. Referencing should not be done in the abstract. It should not be too large. Equations and formulae should be used only if it is very necessary.  The title of the research article should not be too large and special characters should be avoided.

Keywords: 3-5 keywords are enough.


The introduction should be in font size 12 Arial/Times New Roman.  This should include the research problem. Proper referencing should be done.

Literature Review

The literature review should contain information regarding the latest research being carried out in the world in the related field. The references should be proper and latest. Referencing of SCI, Scopus, IEEE, etc. research papers are recommended.

Research Methodology/ Experimental Procedure

This section should include information about the theory and experimental set ups and procedure. Various steps followed and formulae were used. Can be supported by figures, line diagrams, photos, etc.

Result and Discussion

The result can be reported in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, etc. followed by proper discussion and interpretation of the results.


The result and discussion should be followed by the conclusion of the research work which is being undertaken. The pros and cons and the scope of future work.


The author(s) should acknowledge the organizations/agencies/ laboratories/ Government for supporting the research work financially/financial aid.


The author(s) should use Harvard referencing system for example


Muller, V. (1994) ‘Trapped in the body: Socialism, the law, personal identity, The Australian Law Journal, vol. 3 no.2, August, pp. 103-107


Fisher, R., Ury, W., and Patton, B. (1991) Getting to yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in, 2nd edition, London: Century Business.

Conference papers

Hart, G., Albrecht, M., Bull, R. and Marshall, L. (1992) ‘Peer consultation: A professional development opportunity for nurses employed in rural settings’,  Infront Outback – Conference Proceedings, Australian Rural Health Conference, Toowoomba, pp. 143 – 148

Website Page

Young, C. (2001) English Heritage position statement on the Valletta Convention, [Online], Available: http://www.archaeol.freeuk.com/EHPostionStatement.htm [24 Aug 2001].

For JUSPS-A and JUSPS-B authors can send their paper in single column format.