Category: Issue 4

Magnetized Bianchi Type-VIo String Cosmological Model for Anti-Stiff Fluid in General Relativity

Dhirendra Chhajed1, Ankita Choudhary*1, Atul Tyagi1

1Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University college of science,

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, 313001, Rajasthan, India

Corresponding author email:  ankitamaths1993@gmail.com


In this paper, we have investigated magnetized Bianchi type-VI0 string cosmological model for anti-stiff fluid in general relativity. We assume that F23 is the only survival component of electromagnetic field tensor Fij. For the absolute determination of the model, we assume the expansion in the model is proportional to the shear. The common measures of the Einstein’s field equations for the cosmological model have been acquired under the assumption of anti-stiff fluid i.e. p + ρ = 0, where ρ and p are the rest energy density and the pressure of the fluid, respectively. The physical and geometrical outcomes of the model in the presence of magnetic field are discussed.

KEYWORDS: Bianchi type-VI0, Anti-stiff fluid, Magnetic field, Cosmology (85A40).